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Art in Interior Design

Posted in Kathy Gurski Design LLC by kathygurski on January 20, 2010

ART IN INTERIOR DESIGN is vital to all of us to feed our inner spirit, promote culture, give us our own sense of individuality, connect us to emotions and recall memories.
Use of objects of art in your functions incorporates art usefully. Boxes can help organize, open containers can display flowers, fruit or other food while actual items can be displayed rather that stored or they can be part of your space because it brings something fabulous to your space. Interpretation of materials, shapes, color and space planning bring art to your spaces.
Pictures can bring much enjoyment coming from expression of the artist. PhotoART is an art that captures the vision and expression of the artist. It is one that I enjoy and show in my * PhotoART GALLERY as completed pieces that capture their own type of essence with much of natures details.
Art should be used early and throughout life – it stimulates the mind, gives a sense of feeling special, cause a pleasant distraction from problems or pain and can also give recognition to a space. A picture at the door of a child can show it is their room with a sense of ownership. A PhotoART piece along the way or at the door of a room of one who’s memory is fading can be a gentle reminder, yet with art to also connect an emotional memory to allow both dignity and emotion to remember perhaps help find their way and feel good doing so.
I like to say that a piece can give you a visual vacation, create a view where there is none or create a meditation area.
In today’s society, sometimes we need encouragement, inspiration or to relax. The right image placed just so and lit with its own glow can create a place to meditate or give you even a moment of – aah.